The Lord of the Harem is Omnipresent

The Harem

Ernst, Rudolph Ernst (1854 - 1932)  Romantic Interlude Clearly part of the typology of the Song of Songs is that all of us are typologically women of God’s harem.

For the western mind this brings up all kinds of misunderstandings as we have attached all manner fantasies often of a sexual nature to the term harem.  This is not the reality of what these place’s were.

The harem is not a prison, nor was it usually a sex palace, the word means protected place, the sanctum or the forbidden place.  For the most part the harem functioned as the family quarters.  The wives, children, and servants lived there.  Most of the cooking, cleaning, and all those chores that are the domain of women were preformed in these secluded places.

Xerxes I of Persia, from Hadish Palace at PersepolisYes, there were times that the master of the harem turned the place into a sexual playground one of the most infamous of these was Xerxes I (the Ahasuerus of the book of Esther).  Who after failing in his attempt to take Greece (the Battle of the 300) he spent the rest of his reign amusing himself in the harem.  But in most cases it was just the family quarters.  And yes, that family was polygamist.  But for the typology we need it to be such.

Is not the intent of the typology to sanction polygamy.  Although the Bible allows for polygamy it never encourages it.  The harem presents us with a way to explained God’s love for us and His omnipresent in a unique and compelling manner.  Yes there are many believers, yet only one bride.  When we are with God we are alone.  We are the only other being in the universe.  We are unaware of any others for we are finite beings.  However there are many who are also alone with God at the same time. This is because God is not a man, He is deity, and as such is omnipresent. Meaning that He is all places at once.  He created time and space yet He exist outside of them.  So from our point of view we are alone with Him.  There are no others.  He is completely faithful to us individually.

We are the only one in the harem and therefore the Harem Favorite.  The only one whom He truly loves.  If we were the only human in the universe He would have died for just us.  Of course then we would all realize just how wicked we are for we would have had to physically drive those nails in ourselves.

It is in this aloneness with God that we can achieve the religious ecstasy many seek.  Those great moments of ecstasy we read or hear about from others.  What many never realize is that they are rarely achieved in the group.  This is the only way into the King’s chambers.  You must go in alone.  No others of the harem can go with you.  There are no shortcuts, you must pick up the Bible and study.

The king has brought me into his chambers. We will exult and rejoice in you; we will extol your love more than wine; rightly do they love you. Song 1:4

Many unknowingly have turned their Christian practice into a kind of paganism to obtain theses feeling.  They have turn praise songs into mantras, repeating over and over the same line until they have self hypnotized themselves.  This is not real religious ecstasy it is only an illusion, with the added risk of leaving ones mind open to whatever nonsense a spiritual leader might choose to suggest to such open minds.

Just like the ecstasy in marriage it only comes when we are alone with our spouse.  It cannot be shared within propriety.  What goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.  The only way to achieve this high is to be alone with God.  It can not be found in the congregation.  The longer you spend time alone with God the better and easier such raptures are to achieve.

No other book can get you there.

Quod non est Biblicum, non est Theologicum

If the quote is not in the Bible it is not Theology

GalaxyPS.  According to Einstein’s theory of Time Relativity, time is relative to ones position in the universe.  Since God has no one position in His universe He experiences no time.  The obvious conclusion is time is not real.  The fact that we think we experience it, is the result of the fall and our lose of being eternal beings.


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