The Song of Songs: Life in the Harem of God

Is now available.

A look at the typology of the Song of Songs.

God gave us the gift of a love song.  However, because He gave it with a great deal of erotic content the Church has sought over the centuries to discourage believers from even peeking at their gift. However, there comes a time when a believer is mature enough to handle the information contained in this little package.  Don’t let the over-pious keeping you from tearing wrappings off your divine package.

He meant for this sensual book to bring us into a deeper and more authentic relationship with Him, as we come to realize that we are meant to be God’s lover.  We begin to realize that His omnipresence allows for all of us individually to be His one and only, His favorite! if you will.  As He uses the literal harem of Solomon as a springboard to explain the intimate relationship He wants with His people.

The Song of Songs like any poetic love songs is laced with sexual euphemistic and idiomatic language that is foreign or peculiar to their time and place is 1000BC.  This commentary will guide one through the exotic and unfamiliar locations, explaining the references to animals and plants that have little or no meaning to the postmodern English reader.

Traditionally the contents of the Song are presented as an allegory of a corporate love for the people of God instead of the love of a single couple seeking each other through the ups and downs that any quality relationship will suffer over time.  This allegorical method of interpretation makes a concerted effort to negate the erotic content.  Choosing to pretend that is it just not there. However, it is there! God’s great incomprehensible love is put into the love song of the ages.  Simplifying His incomprehensible infinite love for us into an easy to understand finite earthly love of a man for a woman.

The Song brims with long forgotten and much-needed information on forming an intimate sacred relationship that few are even aware can be achieved.  The church too often seeks to be busy and active leaving no time for the things of love. Not taking the Psalmist advice to –

 “Be still, and know that I am God.” Psa. 46:10a.  

The know in this passage is the same as — “Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived” Gen. 4:1a.

So our search for intimacy with God begins by being still and listening to His Song.



5 thoughts on “The Song of Songs: Life in the Harem of God

  1. Cool. So you are still reading it allegorically, correct? What if it were simply erotic literature to emphasize how sex was also “good” and should be included in one’s understanding of life and God? There’s a podcast where a married couple talks about 60 days of sex (or their attempt at it) and what it did to their marriage (One Extraordinary Marriage – is the name). What they attempted and talk about may be exactly what Song of Songs is for – teaching us how to be intimate (not necessarily sexual) within marriage. Nice blog.

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