The Mohar

Engagement_RingsThe Mohar is the bridal present given at the time of betrothal in ancient Jewish customs. Now days, the Jews like the rest of those in Western Civilization give a ring, usually with a stone, usually a diamond. However in ancient times it could be any costly jewelry, often mounted coins.Corte A - Femme Turque

The haggling between families during the marriage arrangements could go one for weeks even months before the final price of the troth was arrived at. Once all is settle the Mohar is given as a promise that the rest will be delivered. Once the woman excepts the mohar the betrothal is set and the only way out is divorce. [Gen 34:12; I Sam 18:25]

We are the bride of Messiah and our Mohar came at Pentecost/Shavout. Rabbinical tradition says that God gave the Torah to Israel on the very first Pentecost, celebrated in the wilderness [Ex 19-24]. And again He gave the Holy Spirit on  the same holy day of Pentecost/Shavout. Shofar-new_ezr[Acts 2] These are our mohar, the Word and the Spirit. We have accepted them so now we wait for the wedding day. Straining to here the trumpet call. For a Jewish bride is called to the wedding tent i.e. chupah with the sound of a shofar i.e. trumpet.


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