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Dancing Saytrs

Dancing Saytrs

As a child I could not read because I am dyslexic (still can’t spell).  But when I was around ten I really wanted to read that Bible for myself and since no one was interested in reading it to me I knew I had to figure this out myself.  So I picked up a dictionary and taught myself to read.  The more I read the more I realized what I was reading did not line up with what I was being taught in church.   As a confused young person I began asking questions. What is Christmas really?  What is Easter?  Why are we doing this or that?   Why are we allowing Scofield’s Bible in the little church I grew up in, when I remember the people who founded the church had preached against it (when I was very little)?  The answers that were provided were what my grandmother called “a load of waffle”.  But my Bible kept telling me the things that were being taught were not right.  However, the most faith shaking question of all for me was, why are there satyrs in the Bible? [Is 13:21, 34:14 c.f. Lev 17:7; 2 Chro 11:15;] If the Bible is a book of truths? Why are these pagan mythological creature in it?  I was already dealing with the public schools anti-God anti-science teaching of Evolution. To my shock my Church was not being truthful either.  I learned all teachers have an agenda.

Thinking my pastor and the leaders of my church where just stupid or something I went to Bible college.  Oi!  There my questions where met with hostility, I was accused of being rebellious.  This really stung me, and after a great deal of soul searching I came to the conclusion that I’m not rebellious, I’m rational.  It’s not my fault they couldn’t give cogent answers. They also didn’t know about the satyrs either.

Yet by the grace of God, he brought my husband and I into contact with an old retired missionary Rev. George Birch, who had graduated from the same school, I swear in the year ONE (it was really 1919).  He could answer any question, except the satyrs, that one he admitted having known at one time but had forgotten what it was.  (He suggested I look in older theology books, he knew it would be there.)  He even explain why the professors could not answer my questions.  It was a question of their hermeneutics, or rather lack of hermeneutics.  They were not being consistent in how they were applying standard rules of hermeneutic, but were unconsciously switching between the Reformers hermeneutic of Progressive Revelationism and the popular yet irrational hermeneutic of Dispensationalism.  So now that we had our hermeneutical heads on straight we began to study.  I haunted used book stores looking for those old theology books.  Books older than dispensationalism and therefor untainted by this irrational teaching.

My Warning

Sure I still make theological mistakes. I have been taught by these people all my life.  Their mistakes are in my head. Sometimes I don’t even realize it. But when something comes to my attention, something that is incongruous with the Bible, then I study till I find out why I believe such a thing.  I study to find out where it came from.  I compare it to what the Bible actually says, and if it is from a source not to be trusted, or if does not line up with the plain reading of the Text, I repent, then with the help of the Holy Spirit I push it out of my mind.  I want no more of churchianity.

Sola Scriptorium – The Scriptures are Supreme.


In my writing I have taken on the schtick of substituting harem for church/congregation.  This has two purposes, 1. To advertise my commentary The Song of Song; Life in the Harem of God. ( I have bills to pay too)  2. To make my readers realize that they belong to the King and are not their own.  To many today think that God belongs to them.

I want my readers to realize that the King of the Universe wants to have an intimate and fulfilling relationship with them.  That if one spends all their time out in the harem they will never become intimate with their King.  One must leave the harem behind and go into the King’s chambers alone [Song 1:4].  Then He will embrace you individually, then He will take you to the heights of ecstasy.  Yet the watchmen i.e. clergymen are very uneasy about the Song of Songs.  It is after all an erotic love poem.  They are afraid that God didn’t know what He was doing when He had Solomon write it.  Even in the poem itself indicates that the watchman are no help in finding the Beloved.  But the other ladies of the harem rejoices when one more Shulamite finds her way into the chamber.

Self Discovery

When I wrote the appendix note “Three Kinds of Wives”, I thought I was the first kind of wife.  I had grown up in the church, I had starting reading the Bible through every year when I was 15. Even though I had struggle to find the truth of it all. I thought I had a fine dowry.  But as I looked back on my life I realize that I was in fact that third kind of wife.  One that had been rescued from the paganism I was steeped in.

Quod non est Biblicum, non est Theologicum – if the quote is not from the Bible, it is not Theology

Dancing Satyrs

Dancing Satyrs

P.S. The satyrs are what the ancients called the Little Dipper. They dance around the North Star every night.  What Isaiah is saying is that after Babylon falls the stars will still turn in their places. Mythology of the Babylonian People – by Donald A Mackenzie, published in 1915, page 333.


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